GoldWord Translation software

GoldWord Translation software

GoldWord professional and user-friendly solutions for all the...

GoldWord professional and user-friendly solutions for all the writing and translation needs - at home, in the business and in educational institutions.

GoldWord writes and translates words in a wide range of different languages. In addition, it enables writing in foreign languages, hearing the correct pronunciation of a selected word.

The software is compatible with a variety of applications, such as word processors, ICQ, and Internet browsers. olso Add GoldText and automatically translate texts such as e-mail, Web pages.

Dictionaries include:Source Language: English - Spanish - French - German - Hebrew. Destination Language: Danish - Portuguese - Swedish - Italian - English - Hebrew - Spanish - French - German - Russian.

Integration technology of translations/text directly into any work space. Word/phrase translation- translate a word from a web site, e-mail or document or type a word for translation.

Text to speech software: enables translation/text playback- hear the correct pronunciation of the translation or playback your e-mails or documents.

Send e-mails in foreign languages to every location in the world (utilizing unique GW technology). Type in foreign languages using our virtual keyboard.

Create your own personal dictionary - insert corporate terminology and notes. Periodic upgrades and word/phrase updates. Customer support- E-mail, telephone, fax, Internet.

Customer support- E-mail, telephone, fax, Internet.

GoldWord Translation software


GoldWord Translation software

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